Rebuilding Our Roots.

The Tree of Life Where do we come from? What were our ancestors like? I’m always amazed that we are all from different roots. In 50 years our children’s children will be from different roots. They will have grown up with different traditions then we gave their parents. The cycle of life changes dramatically over … Continue reading Rebuilding Our Roots.

Destination by Numbers.

Ever give thought to you’re address? Usually we are all given a set of numbers that links us to our current residence. Normally we use these numbers when we fill out letters, pay bills, etc. Do you remember you’re childhood address? Numbers are an everyday thought. When we call our loved ones, pay for something … Continue reading Destination by Numbers.

Love Of Nature

Nature and photography has always been my favorite hobby to indulge in. About 7 years ago I bought my very first camera; so to speak. Basically I bought myself my first “grown-up” camera. I love the feeling of getting your camera out and letting nature guide you to your photos. Fall is not only my … Continue reading Love Of Nature